Gornji Kneginec

Placed on idyllic hills in the very neighbourhood of Varaždin town, yet away from everyday hectic life, there is the municipality of Gornji Kneginec. This countryside has always attracted nature lovers, admirers of good domestic cuisine and even better wine drops.

Long history, which dates back to the 11th century, at a time when Andrew II. Arpad became Croatian-Hungarian king, proves the tower of Kneginec that attracts glances of passers-by and its visitors with its proud beauty. The tower gets them back to ancient times of kings, serfs, countesses and vassals and tells the story about fighting for the power between two kings and brothers, about the fortified castle and the legend about the most beautiful countess after whom Kneginec got its name.

If you visit this area you will enjoy the beauty of mansions, castles, sunny vineyards, forests, fish ponds as well as the well-known hospitality and tasteful indigenous specialties.