Town of Miracles and Legends

Situated in the idyllic Drava valley and near the picturesque slopes of Mount Kalnik, Ludbreg is best known as a spiritual destination for pilgrims. It is a unique holy place, rare in the Christian world, for it was founded by Papal decree in honour of the Holy Blood of Jesus, commemorating an event in 1411. when the priest, conducting the chapel service on the Ludbreg estate, doubted the transformation of bread and wine into the blood of Jesus. News of this miraculous occurrence quickly spread.

Ever since, believers have visited this sanctuary every year during Easter Week, for rest, spiritual restoration and celebration.

The relics are kept in the marvellous Baroque ornamental receptacle (or “monstrance”) in the parish church of the Holy Trinity. Throughout the year, people visit the Votive Chapel of the Croatian Parliament built 'in honour and glory of the Holy Blood of Jesus' which, together with the Stations of the Cross, form a unique exhibition of Murano glass mosaic.

Ludbreg is full of legends. One concerns the beautiful Ludberga after whom the town was named, but the most famous one claims that Ludbreg is the centre of the World, i.e. centrum mundi, because—in ancient times—the Earth's circles were described from Ludbreg and, from them, the positions of all larger European cities! Exactly opposite Ludbreg, on the other side of the World, is Ludbreg's antipode, the small South Pacific island of Antipodes and a relic of the ancient counter-Podravina. The visitor will, for a moment, experience what it is like to be at the centre of the World, a place the citizens of Ludbreg have marked on their main square and where they add a plaque of a different city each year. Just to enliven each new celebration, the sparkling local wine flows in the city fountain!