Novi Marof

In the Southern part of the County of Varaždin, at the junction of roads between Zagreb and Varaždin, the area of Novi Marof spreads its picturesque landscape rich in cultural and historic heritage and offers a unique touristic experience to every random traveller or visitor.

Southwest of Varaždin, on the border of northern slopes of Ivanščica Mountain and Bednja river valley, there is a memorial complex Bela with Bela I and Bela II castles, gardens and ruins of the old fortified castle. Half way between Podrute and Novi Marof, Topličica Sports and Recreation Centre, its swimming pools with thermal water and tennis courts are to be found. Above Topličica, on the eastern reef of Ivanščica, the Lubenjak Hill, there are the remains of one of the oldest fortifications in this part of Croatia - Grebengrad. At the foot of the hill, not far off the Spring of Lonja River, a mountain hut is opened for hikers and all who want to experience the beauty of pristine nature. In the near future, three native houses in the style of the country house at the beginning of the last century (representing the folk life and customs of this area a hundred years ago) should be built there.

Several kilometres from Topličica, in the direction of Novi Marof, there is Mađarevo, a village with parish church of St. George and St. Vitus; in Remetinec, next to Novi Marof, stands the church of Blessed Virgin Mary - the Queen of St. Rosary, a zero-category monument; in Oštrce, the village on the other bank of Bednja river, the church of St. Fabien and St. Sebastian was built, while in Novi Marof, there is the church of St. Anthony of Padua. Some traditional religious festivals go together with the saints protectors of these sacral buildings: Fabien and St. Vitus and St. George’s Days in Mađarevo, "Čiselsko prošečje" (the festival of St. Rosary) in Remetinec, "Petrovo" (St. Peter's Day) in Oštrice and "Antunovo v Marofu" (St Anthony's Day in Marof). A lot more of culture and entertainment, like fine art exhibitions, folk dances and songs, wine roads etc. is going on there on festival days.

The area of Novi Marof is the home of many world famous persons from Croatian past and present, and there shall certainly be more of them in future. Among gentle hills of the countryside, famous and recognized masters of brush and canvas were born, like Mirko Rački, Ivan Rabuzin, Franjo Klopotan and many famous persons tangled at least a part of their life to Novi Marof. It is enough just to mention the names like the artist Oton Iveković, or the writer and politician Mirko Bogović, then Antun Nemčić, and a philatropist and the founder of health service in Novi Marof, Countess Luisa Erdody, who is certainly worth mentioning.