Cultural Heritage

  • The Historic Core of the City Varaždin

    A jewel of harmony and intimacy, the charm of “Croatia’s Vienna” lies not only in its architecture, but also in its atmospheric squares and lovely streets.

  • Dvorac Trakoščan

    Stately home which is now kept as an example of an unspoilt romantic park and aristocratic residence.

  • Lepoglava Lace

    Tradicija čipkarstva primjer je kulture pogađa bit krajolika kojemu je pridodana. 

  • Roman public arhitecture - Varaždinske Toplice

    The specific soil around the thermal spring, and the limestone layers respectively, were decisive for the good preserving of the Roman architecture thus making this complex one of the best preserved localities in Croatia.

  • Precious Blood of Christ in Ludbreg

    Ludbreg is a unique Eucharistic sanctuary in Croatia, and one of the few in the Christian world.

  • Roman ruins "IOVIA" - Ludbreg

    It can be said that Ludbreg is among the oldest settlements in Croatia. The small Podravina Township evolved on the intersection of trade roads leading from East to West, and from South to North, all crossing the river Bednja. Illyrians and Kelts passed these roads, as well as Tatars and Turks. On this place, prehistoric augurs predicted the future, Slavic sages brought their offerings, Roman patricians enjoyed the beauties of nature.