• The Legend about Drašković

    Kazimir Drašković was a descendant of rich and powerful Croatian aristocracy.

  • The Legends of Ivanec, Ivanščica, the area of Ivanec and about "Črne Mlake" (Black Ponds) on Ivanščica

    Soon you will find, on a little clearing there is Črna mlaka, stagnant water pond where the witches of Klek wash their sinful bodies...

  • The Devl`s Cave near Prigorac

    There was a folk legend telling that at this place the devil wanted to baffle the ravine of Bistrica, which was used by pilgrims.

  • About chapel Holy Ghost

    By its extraordinary position it dominates the whole area.  Firstly noted in 1469, under the name of “S. Spiritus un Monte Dubovecz”, later named “S.  Spiritus sub Monte Ivanchicza”, it is considered as the 14th century construction.

  • The Ivanovci Knights

    The history of Ivanec is rich and interesting, and the town itself goes much further back in time than the middle of the 12th century,  when it was inhabited by Ivanovci (the Knights of Saint John) - the Knights Hospitallers (the name of the Order caring about sick people, travellers and pilgrims).

  • Mysterious fortress Gradišče - Margečan

    One of the greatest mysteries of the Ivanec area is Gradišče on the top of Cukovec Hill above Margečan.

  • "Vražji stolec" (Devil`s Chair)

    Additionally, imagination is stirred by a huge stone beneath the very site of Gradišče, shaped as a chair and people call it “stolčik” or “vražji stolec” (devil’s chair).

  • The Altar at Kaniža

    In the west of Kaniža, in Turjač wood on the slopes of Ivančica, there is a monument known among folks as “the altar”.

  • Pusta Bela

    The fortress Bela, which is Pusta Bela today, was a fortress and the seat of Ivanovci (the Knights of St John) from the beginning of the 13th century.

  • Legend about Ludberga

    At one occurance, using only a wooden cross, Ludberga rammed the Devil into the ground with a vehemence that resulted in an explosion on the opposite side of the Earth, and the emergence of "Anti-Podravina" in the Pacific ocean.