• Ivanščica

    The most impressive mountain of northern Croatia (1061m).

  • "Opeka" Arboretum

    Opeka Arboretum is a protected natural rarity, horticultural monument, one of the most important natural parks in the County of Varaždin and one of the most valuable horticultural gardens in Central Europe.

  • Gaveznica-Kameni vrh

    Gaveznica-Kameni vrh, the hill built of andesite, volcanic breccia and tephra, is a trace of vulcanic activity in geologicl past of Hrvatsko Zagorje.

  • Drava park- forest

    The river is the last green oasis of peace for many town people seeking peace and relaxation from the noisy and hectic town life.

  • Vindija cave

    This is a unique outdoor classroom where the story of nature has never been halted.