Falling star as a doomsday messenger

Falling star as a doomsday messenger


People have always wondered when it would happen and what doomsday would look like.

The rumour circulated that 13 June, 1857 will be the doomsday, and many people of Varaždin believed it.

They feared that a comet will hit the Earth with its tail. In June, the comet was visible even during the day, which scared people.

They waited for that day to come with different feelings. Some of them tried to enjoy themselves as much as they can, while the others were fasting, praying, going to confessions and taking Communion. Churches and inns were equally crowded.

And when the day had arrived, the majority of people did not even dare to stay home. They waited on the doomsday in the gardens under the open skies. Not until the morning had come did they found their peace. Then they went about their usual bussiness.

Rudolf Horvat, "Povijest grada Varaždina"

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