Medieval Christmas dinner

Medieval Christmas dinner


Do you know what was eaten and what the Varaždin Christmas meal looked like in medieval times?

It would usually start with greasy chicken soup with noodles. Then boiled beef and the boiled parts of chicken with sour horse-radish are served. The dinner continues with grilled ducks, geese, chickens, poulets, blackbirds and pigeons with beetroot. After all that meat, boiled or baked štrukli are served for change.

After the rest, comes the first easier meat food again – birds, snails, sausages, devenicas, and oxes’ tongues. After that the roast-meat is brought: turkey meat, veal and pork, with salads.

The feast continues with cheese-cake and then the game: hare, duck and goose with sour sauce and dumplings and finally, the fruit: apples, pears, sorb-apples and hazel-nuts, then gingerbread, honey-biscuits and pepper-cakes.

This also includes many loafs of bread, home-made or made in a bakery, and the immense quantities of wine. For illustration, 434 bottles of wine were bought and consumed at a Christmass party of a guild with only 17 guests

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