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A town that holds the memory of the ancient knights orders

The town of Ivanec, commonly known as the town „next to a big mountain“, will offer you a beautiful landscape and attractions to remember. Enjoy the tame idyll- visit the town of the knights of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitaller).

Ivanec and Ivančica, Ivanečko polje and the Ivanšček creek are only some of the names that nourish the 800 centuries old memory of the St. John's order.

In this town at the foot of the Ivančica mountain you will discover the forgotten history- exciting stories about the old knights orders and their lonesome forts and hear legends of the hidden templar treasure.

Here you will meet the ancient mining tradition, see abandoned mines and old mining tools, experience the attractive parade of the Ivanec mining troop in their unusual uniforms.

You will be dazzled by the views from the Ivančica glades, the soothing sounds of mountain springs and old mills, pastoral atmosphere of the villages and hiking and cycle tracks. 

Ivanec and its surroundings will give you a unique blend of exciting natural beauties and intriguing historic secrets. Visit the town of the Kinghts Hospitaller!


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