Varaždinske Toplice

Spring of health

At the northeast edge of Hrvatsko Zagorje, in the green surroundings of tame hills dappled with valleys, vineyards, orchards and forests, right above the river Bednja valley, lies the town of Varaždinske Toplice.

A natural gift- a generous spring of thermal water- has determined the town's location and name and enabled the continuity of treatment and therapy throughout all the cultural eras; from the Roman Empire, when the Romans named the town Aqua Iasae, until today, when it is once again a fashionable spa, a modern thermal riviera.

Varaždinske Toplice is the oldest thermal spa in Croatia, which hides one of the most important continental archaelogical complexes in its centre: the excavation site of a Roman thermal spa which served its purpose for four centuries.

The water rises from the depth of nearly 1800 metres, and its way to the surface, where its temperature is 58 ̊C, has lasted for nearly 20 000 years.

The beginning of this modern spa is associated to a famous doctor John the Baptist Lalangue from Luxembourg, who worked in Varaždin in the late 17th century. Spa tourism developed almost 185 years ago, when constant doctor supervision was introduced. Later on facilities, some of which are used even today, were built.

At the beginning of the last century, Varaždinske Toplice became one of respectable Central European spas. Today, Varaždinske Toplice is a respected thermal riviera with different treatment and recreational contents for medical rehabilitation.

In addition, the town offers some special events to its visitors: St. Valentine's Day, „Topličko ljeto“ manifestation, Ana's ball, „Lovrečevo“ festival, Days of Kukuljević, Days of baroque cuisine, St. Martin's Day, New Year's Eve…

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