Zletište coprnic (Witches gathering site) in Črne Mlake

The slopes of the Ivančica mountain, covered by thick forest, have always entertained the folks' imagination, and many of the creepy stories about supernatural beings were kept until today.

One of them is the old legend of a witches' gathering site in Črne Mlake. They gathered there to atone for their sins. In the villages around Ivanec you can still learn about an unusual experience of a man named Jandraš, a miner from the village of Prigorec. He was going home through the forest late in the night, when three girls appeared in front of him. They were dressed in the most beautiful silk and started dragging him along the Bistrica creek.

Their wanton fun lasted the whole night, after which they left him near Črne Mlake, where he saw an eerie sight: a few women dressed in black swept a lawn next to the biggest pond, where they danced a witches' dance. After that everything became better for Jandraš.

Legend says that the villagers used to meet strange women who sometimes played pranks on passers-by or their animals. One of the legends says that one day some shepherds noticed that their cows started missing. Desperate, they decided to find out why less and less cows came home from the pastures.

They found a lot of bones at Črne Mlake and concluded that was the witches' doing.

Sometimes a half white- half black cow appeared in the village of Prigorec, which was also attributed to the witches. However, most of these stories had happy endings- people who met witches would have better lives, cows would give more milk.

If you head out to the Ivančica mountain, you may not cross paths with a witch, but you will certainly enjoy the fresh mountain air and the beautiful nature of the biggest mountain in Zagorje.

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