The three nymphs of varaždinske Toplice

The three naiads, spring nymphs on a marble relief panel dating from the 2nd century discovered in Varaždinske Toplice, could be tied to an old legend of the three beauties from Varaždinske Toplice- Božica, Margareta and Simona.

In his book „Legende puka hrvatskoga“, Tomislav Đurić tells an almost forgotten story about three young girls of noble birth, known for their beauty and wealth. However, they were above all kind to the people of Varaždinske Toplice, so they started referring to them as nymphs.

The sisters never married; not because their „vanity or underestimation of the local men“, but because their potential suitors were forced to go to other regions in search of better lives and got married there.

When the sisters grew old, they decided to leave their home to the Church. They wanted their home to remain home to someone who will continue to help the people of Varaždinske Toplice. Therefore the legend of „the three nymphs“ was kept until today.

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