Studentski dom youth hostel

Close to the romantic Baroque town center, only a few minutes from the river Drava and its park-forest, there is the Student Center complex.

It consists out of two dorms, Dorm A and Dorm B. the older dorm (Dorm A) is situated in a nice classicist building, with nicely furnished and equipped single, double and triple rooms (toilet/bathroom, Internet access and a fridge in every room). It serves as a hostel between 1 July and 30 September. The new dorm (Dorm B) was opened in 2017.

With its modern architectural design and green energetic complex that includes heating and cooling by the water-water heat pump system, a solar power plant, using the rainwater as sanitary water, responsibility towards the environment by waste sorting and disposing into underground containers, this dorm is unique by its low energy consumption and a proud owner of the A+ energy certificate.

The hostel in Dorm A is open between 1 July and 30 September.
Between 1 July and 10 July and from 16 September and 30 September we have 56 beds available in 27 rooms (3 single rooms, 19 double rooms and 5 triple rooms).
In the period from 11 July and 14 July and 1 September to 15 September we have 151 beds in 73 rooms ( 6 single rooms, 56 double rooms and 11 triple rooms).
Between 15 July and 31 August we have 261 beds available in 141 rooms

The hostel in Dorm B is in business between 16 July and 31 August. It has 600 beds in 12 single rooms, 194 double rooms and 129 triple rooms.

Category: ***
Address: J.Merlića b.b., 42000 Varaždin
Phone: +385 42 332 910
Phone: +385 91 433 2910 
Phone: +385 91 332 9111
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